Fresh Baked, sMoked + Spreads

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Ingredients: Fish, Vegetable, Herbs & Spices + Wood sMoke

No: Gluten, Egg, Nuts or Dairy

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Benefits of Eating Smoked Foods?

Smoked fish has been considered a delicacy on the gourmet food scene thanks to their deep flavor enriched during the smoking process. sMoki’s, unique taste comes from both new and age-old methods of sMoking.

Preservation from Smoking

sMoking was created as a method by which to preserve foods, and it still retains this benefit today. This means that smoked foods have a longer shelf life than just cooked,so you can keep them in the fridge for longer and help reduce food waste.

Ready to Serve

sMoked foods come ready to eat, so you can lay on an impressive gourmet dinner,  pool or office party without much effort.

Smoked Food Nutrients

Naturally high in protein and amino acids – fish, is a nutritious high-protein smoked food that makes a great addition to any balanced diet. Smoked Salmon, in particular, is rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.

Low Fat Content

The smoking process can actually serve to reduce the fat, as it drips out during the process, leaving a healthier final product.